Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing 7-Video Masterclass
If you are in Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, or Direct Sales, and you are not earning anywhere near the kind of income that you thought you would be by now...

"Discover My Million Dollar Prospecting, Connecting & Closing Secrets, and Start Making at Least One Sale Every Single Day
in YOUR Business!"




From the Desk of 5X 7-Figure Earner,  Aaron

Dear Friend,

Let's just call a spade - a spade.

If you are in a people business, such as Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, or Direct Sales...

And your selling skills - specifically your conversational & chatting skills - are not absolutely top notch these days (especially with how much people rely on Social Media to communicate)...

And you don't know what to say to people to get them taking a look at your business...

Or, you're just flat out struggling to create interest, get people to listen to you, or go to your website...  

This can only mean only one thing...

You are Not Making Sales!

And, if that is the case...

You can't afford NOT to learn the Tips, Tricks, and Strategies inside my Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing 7-Video Masterclass, and nearly $2,000 in BONUSES!

I mean, think about it...

If what you are doing isn't working...

...doing MORE of it isn't going to make it any better.

Seriously Now...

Isn't it time for a change?

Isn't it time for you to get REAL with yourself & your business, and finally learn once & for all how to make your business make YOU money, so that every time you sit down to build your business, you get something in return?

I mean, how much longer can you run a "Non-Profit" or should I say, "Not-for-Profit" business?

How much longer are you going to wish things were financially better?

How much longer do you want to struggle to make money from your Network Marketing, MLM, Affiliate Marketing, or Direct Sales Business?


If you want your business to work more than anything... You've gotta learn the right skills - PERIOD! 

And my Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing 7-Video Masterclass is EXACTLY what you need to learn these skills, so that you can start implementing them immediately, start making sales immediately, and start building the Home Based Business of your dreams, immediately - just like the 10's of Thousands of People who I've taught these skills to, from stages all around the World, in just the past few years alone.

Just in case we haven't met yet, my name is Aaron Rashkin and I've been a Leader of Leaders, a Top Earner, and a Top Producer in every single business I've started for the past 20 years.

When people ask me how I've been able to do this, I always tell them the same thing - every single time.

It's because I learned how to Prospect, Connect, and Close business - first using the telephone - then face to face - and then, using Text, Chat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, Email, and Skype - communicating back & forth with people - using the same exact strategies that I'm going to teach YOU inside my Masterclass

Notice that I said, I close "business".

This is because you don't close people; people close themselves.

They close themselves because of your posture - so - if you don't have it, you are going to continue struggling, which I know you are ready to stop doing - FOREVER! 


In Module #1, I cover my 10 Commandments of Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing", and explain in detail exactly what Posture is, and how your Posture is EVERYTHING when it comes to Your Influence and Your ability to Make Sales daily - in Your Business.


But see, this is a very misunderstood subject.

Because most people think that posture is about being a cold hearted jerk, being abrupt, or "strong".

In actuality, I teach a method of assuming posture in my Masterclass that's soft, relaxed, and easy - yet gets results every single time. 

My posture is what got me to the top of every Leaderboard for just about every company I've ever marketed for in the past 10 years, where I've won everything from Affiliate Contests, Cash Prizes, Laptops, Big Screen TVs, and even won a Car once - because of the skills I teach inside my 7-Video Masterclass, including posture. 

I've done this in Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing, and Internet Marketing - selling products - selling services - and selling information.

I've done it selling other people's stuff, selling my own stuff - pretty much selling whatever I want.

I've made 7-Figures PLUS in 4 different Businesses, Companies, and Revenue Models - Including Marketing My own Products & Services - both online & off.

Inside My Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing 7-Video Masterclass, I Share with You the Exact Mindset & Skillset That Allowed Me to Do It - so that YOU Can Do it Too! 

What I teach you in my "Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing Masterclass" is EXACTLY what you need to build your Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Affiliate, or Direct Sales Business.

Just Some of the Topics I Cover in This Video Series, are:
  • Preparing for Your Calls

  • Making the Approach
  • Breaking the ice

  • Framing the Conversation
  • The Interview

  • Asking Questions
  • Qualifying for Desire
  • Selling without Selling
  • Asking for a Commitment
  • Listening Below the Surface
  • Setting an Appointment

  • The Takeaway
  • Closing the Sale

  • Leaving the Conversation
  • The Use of a Sales Assistant
  • Both In Person & Phone Sales

  • Selling With Online Chat

  • Striking Up Conversations

  • Rapport Building

  • Story Telling

  • Establishing Authority

  • And Much More!


This Masterclass was originally hosted as a Series of Facebook LIVES but has now been Tucked Away in a Private Membership Site, and as soon as you Get Started below, you will get Instant Access.



Watch Me Jump Into The "HOT SEAT" And Make Live Dials To My Own Leads...

During this 7-Video Series, aside from delivering my 10 Commandments of Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing, and Overcoming Objections TrainingI got into the Hot Seat and made LIVE Dials to my own leads, doing call reviews after each conversation, sharing observations, and breaking down the psychology of each conversation.

I spoke to over a dozen people, had over a dozen quality conversations, left voicemail messages for many, and even break down the Psychology of How to Leave a Voicemail so that you actually get call backs.

I called Local Professionals right out of my Community Advertising Circular, and had them asking for the link to my website in just a matter of minutes.

I show you 7 LIVE Facebook Messenger Chats I had with Social Media Friends, who I've never met before in person, but who have been reading my posts.

In this Video, I break down everything I do and say while chatting online, and show you exactly how I move people into immediate action following our conversation.

My goal for you is to learn the secrets to becoming a true Prospecting, Connecting, & Closing PROFESSIONAL - prepared, ready, and equipped with some of the best skills of anyone in your niche. 

When you learn the tips, tricks, and strategies that I teach you in my training, you will be able to sell anything, to anyone, anywhere in the World, and NEVER have to worry about making money, ever again in the Network Marketing, MLM, Affiliate Marketing, or Direct Sales Profession.


PLUS... I'm also going throw in 7 BONUSES - because who doesn't like even MORE for their money - I know I do.


BONUS #1- The Lost Interview ($97 Value)

As your first BONUS, I am also going to give you what has been called, The Lost Interview, which is a 60-Minute Conversation between myself & Industry Icon, Mike Dillard, about all things Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing.  


I have personally sold thousands of copies of this Interview, and you will get this audio with your enrollment into the Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing Masterclass. This is a $97 Value, and you get it for FREE with your purchase of my Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing 7-Video Masterclass.



BONUS #2 - My Prospecting Mastery Scripts ($197 Value)

How about my personal Cold Market Script & Training! 

I'm going to literally give you the exact Script (and Training) that I've used for years, allowing me to personally enroll & sell products to thousands of people in the home based business industry.

I call it my Prospecting Mastery Script & Training, and it includes all my Interview Questions, my Psychology of Prospecting, and exactly what I say to Overcome Objections.

It's all written out, so that you can read it while you listen in to me making LIVE  Dials. 

It's seriously, THE best way to learn the tips, tricks, and strategies that I've used to build my businesses for literally two decades, enrolling thousands of people, and building multiple teams into the 10s of Thousands several times. 

This is a $197 Value and you get it for FREE with your purchase of my Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing 7-Video Masterclass.


BONUS #3 - Mindset & Skillset Mastery ($297 Value)

How about a LIVE Zoom where I coach a dozen other Members of the Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing Masterclass on Prospecting Mastery - both Mindset & Skillset!

On this LIVE Video Training, I drop some serious Nuggets of Gold, and virtually hand over to you a set of Golden KEYS for making Cold Calls using the exact Script & Training that I have taught you in Modules 1-7! 

It doesn't get any better than this when it comes to learning how to Prospect, Connect, and Close! 

This is a $297 Value and you get it for FREE with your purchase of my Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing 7-Video Masterclass. 


BONUS #4 - The Simplicity of Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing ($297 Value)

In this LIVE Masterclass Bonus Video, I share what I call my "4 Step, Simple Proven Plan of Action" in Detail - Both How & Why it Works. 

Then, I get into the Hot Seat to show you that it works - just as I say it does - right before I begin making LIVE Dials.

When you understand just how simple this process can be, you will be well on your way to becoming a Master Prospector, and Recruiter yourself - in no time!

This is a $297 Value and you get it for FREE with your purchase of my Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing 7-Video Masterclass. 



BONUS #5 - Warm Market Wizardry ($297 Value)

The Response to my NEW Bonus, Warm Market Wizardry, has been one of my Highest Rated Programs, yet!


Listen in and watch as I call some of my New Member's Best Contacts, that they didn't want to call themselves. Without knowing me, my Company, my Products, or anything about my Opportunity, within just minutes, I have my New Member's Contacts asking me for Information about how they can start making money from home!

Just like the name suggests - this is my best Warm Market Wizardry!

This is a $297 Value and you get it for FREE with your purchase of my Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing 7-Video Masterclass. 



BONUS #6 - Messenger Money ($297 Value)

In this Bonus, I Break Down for a Group of High Level Coaching Clients, How to Social Media Prospect like a Pro!



From Fishing & Hunting, to Overcoming Objections in your Messenger Inbox - Discover the Exact Mindset & Skillset that it takes to become a Master Prospector, Recruiter, and Closer using Facebook, Instagram, or any Social Media Platform that allows You to Chat with Your Friends, Fans, and Followers.

This is a $297 Value and you get it for FREE with your purchase of my Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing 7-Video Masterclass.



BONUS #7 - Laying the Foundation for Success ($297 Value)

In these Conversations with a Group of High-Level Coaching Clients, listen in as I Break Down 3 Key Elements that Will Make it Very Clear What You Must Start Doing -  Today - to Get the Results You Joined for in the First Place!

This is a $297 Value and you get it for FREE with your purchase of my Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing 7-Video Masterclass.



And for a Limited Time Only How about a 20 Minute Coaching Call? 

I mean, what would being a student of mine be, without having the opportunity for some One-On-One time?

After you complete each Module & BONUS in the Main Course, I am also going to give you a Complimentary 20 Minute Phone Session to support you in uncovering the biggest challenges you are having in your Business right now.

We can do this over Facebook Messenger, or Telephone - depending on where you live.

If you are reading these words, I am still offering this BONUS, however, I cannot offer it forever. 

With my Massive Action Group (MAG) Coaching Members getting so much time & attention from me as I work closely with them every single week - I only allocate enough time for a few people every week that want to go on to make 5, 6, even 7-figures in their businesses, with my coaching & support.

This is why a One-On-One Coaching Call is only available for the next 3 people who get started today. 

So, to take advantage of this offer ASAP, purchase right now before I pull this BONUS down, and let's get on the phone after you go through my training.  

Of course, you will want to go back and watch - again and again and again - to uncover even more nuggets of gold that will help make it even more clear for you how to become a Master Recruiter. 

I have privately coached and mentored hundreds of five, six, and  7-Figure Earners over the years, on top of mentoring 10's of thousands of people from all over the World to earn thousands of extra dollars every month, and just like supporting each and every one of them in making both personal & professional breakthroughs, I will be able to assist you in getting very clear on whatever blocks you may have when it comes to building a successful business and attracting more money into your life.  

This is a $400 Value,  and you get it for FREE with the purchase of my Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing Masterclass (as long  as this offer is still  available - which it is, because you are seeing it on this page).

That's nearly $2,000 in BONUSES and you get it ALL FOR FREE with your purchase of my Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing 7-Video Masterclass! 

The skills I teach you in the "Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing Masterclass" have helped me generate over $25,000,000 in Sales Revenue in the past 10 years alone, putting over $5,000,000 in personal commissions into my bank account.

That’s not to say that you will do the same as me. You could make a lot less than me, a lot more than me, or nothing at all. I don’t have a crystal ball and don’t know your work ethic.

However, by listening to and taking notes on everything I teach you, and implementing what you learn...

You could easily become a Master Prospector, a Top Recruiter, and one of the Most Successful Leaders in Whatever Company You Choose.


Here's What a Couple of My 6 & 7-Figure Friends & Clients Have to Say about Learning my Strategies:

"I was already a multiple 6-figure earner when I began working with Aaron, but I wanted to take my business to the next level. Aaron's taught me how to become a much better marketer and a more masterful communicator." - Avram Gonzalez


"I'm not a total newbie and have been around the Industry a bit, but it's been a huge blessing to work with Aaron. The leadership we get from Aaron, has been amazing! He has been a great mentor to me and it's really paying off in my business." - Leah Getz


"Aaron's helped me build out a whole new sales funnel, and his support, his coaching, the whole experience has been incredible. I've gotten more done with Aaron as my coach & mentor, than I have with people I've paid $10,000, $20,000, even $30,000, for. He's patient, he pays attention to detail and he really cares about your success." - Josh Elder


"What I've personally gotten from working with Aaron is - he's sharpened my entrepreneurial mindset and I now understand which areas of my business and activities I need to focus on to create the most leverage, and impact - for the most profits. Working with Aaron has been a real game changer for me. Get off the fence and work with him in whatever capacity - A.S.A.P." - Adam Chandler


"What I love the most is that he's knowledgeable, he's helpful, and he's there for you to answer your questions as you go. He definitely pours out his heart out to help others get results. I highly recommend you work with Aaron Rashkin." - Cory Reynolds



Here's What a Few of My Masterclass Students are Saying:


Here's How it All Works...

The Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing Masterclass Originally cost $997!

But for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I am offering a 70% Discount so that you can get this Information and start building a HUGE business for yourself and your family, for a One Time Payment of only $297.

You can do a 3-Pay if you like, for only $117 today, another in 30 days, and another in 60 days.

If this is a little too steep for you right now - well, that's EXACTLY why you want to join my Masterclass, today!

I mean, how much longer do you not want to have the money to buy whatever you want - especially at this price?

Plus, if you are going to build your business, you might as well learn how to do it already. 

I mean how much longer do you want to continue struggling to enroll people into your business?

Isn't it time to start earning the kind of income that you joined for in the first place?

Imagine being able to wake up every morning - to commission notifications in your inbox - knowing that you can make money every time you sit down to market & talk to people, your Team growing every day because of what you learn inside my Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing 7-Video Masterclass about recruiting amazing people, who want to succeed just as much as you do! 

This is all possible, when you go through my training modules, and implement exactly what I teach you. 

Whether You Do a Full Pay or the
3-Pay, this price is an absolute STEAL for what you are getting inside my course alone.

Add in your 7 BONUSES and you will have everything you need to pick up the phone, call people, or reach out to people over Social Media, and start making sales every single day in your Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, or Direct Sales Home Based Business.


So, What Do You Do Next?


Once you've made your purchase, you will be emailed a receipt, as well as a Welcome Email containing your Username & Password for Login to a Private Membership Area.

Once you login to your Membership Area, you will be able to begin your Training by starting on my Welcome Message & the 10 Commandments of Prospecting, Connecting, and Closing in Module #1.

Be sure to go through each Module in order, take lots of notes, and begin implementing what I teach you, right away.

I thank you for your trust, and for your business, and please be sure to let me know how you like the Videos once you go through them all.

I would love to feature you as a testimonial on my sales & marketing pages, just like the amazing people you see here, which can be a feather in your cap, and get you even more exposure.

Your Next Step is to Get Started... 

Purchase Now and Get Instant Access!


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